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Tux Guitar:

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Paid Tools

Guitar Pro:


I’ve been using Guitar Pro for quite a few years and it is a very useful tool for music notation and learning songs through tabs found on the internet. While tabs online can be accurate, there are quite a lot that are “along the right lines” but miss out parts of the songs. What I like to do is a mix of trying to work something out by ear, see what tabs are available and compare the two and then mix them together into something that I think is as accurate to the real thing. If you haven’t checked out Guitar Pro yet, click on the banner above which will take you to the Guitar Pro website where you can either download a free trial or purchase the full program ($59.95 for the full version, $29.95 for upgrades from previous versions).



Reaper is another program I’ve been using for many years. It is a great DAW from what I have used it for and best of all, it’s free to trial it. While the trial is only supposed to last a set amount of time, you can still continue to use it after the period expires. It is however VERY cheap to purchase a full license ($60 for the Personal License, $225 for the Professional License). All in all, very good for most home recording solutions that are on a budget. If you’re looking for a new DAW, click on the banner to take you to Reaper’s website.

Line 6 Pod Farm:


I’ve been using a Line 6 Studio UX2 with Pod Farm since about 2010 and it’s great for finding good tones quickly and easily through the many different variations of amps and effects they have built in. Unlocking the extra packs opens up even more opportunities to expand your sound. I find that Pod Farm handles cleans a lot better than it handles dirty tones, but for digital effects, it’s not that bad really. If you haven’t heard of Line 6 and or Pod Farm (where have you been), check out Line 6’s website by clicking the banner.

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