Here you will find collections of tabs and tutorials for albums I have tabbed out. As it stands, there is 1 full release and 4 partial releases, but other albums which have more than 50% of tabs/tutorials for that album will be added below as and when more get added to the site.

To access the collections, click on the album art for the respective album you wish to view.

Lamb of God – Resolution

(Full album bass transcription)


Eric Church – Chief

(Partial album bass transcription 8/11 songs)

eric church chief

Megadeth – Youthanasia

(Partial album bass transcription 7/12 songs)


Blake Shelton – Red River Blue

(Partial album bass transcription 6/11 songs)

blake shelton red river blue

Mastodon – The Hunter

(Partial album bass transcription 7/13 songs)