Here on the Showcase page, you will find all my audio and video content of covers. This is split into 2 sections as detailed below:

The Studio Sessions

The Studio Sessions contain audio only covers of songs recorded in a more “studio” environment. Less pressure, more perfection. Although saying that, when recording, I do try to keep sessions as “live” as possible to give it that nice natural flow.

Live and Loud

As the name suggests, Live and Loud will contain live cover videos both past (for now) and present. These are a lot more raw, live and in your face than The Studio Sessions. Due to the time constraints of recording, mixing and editing and also working a full time job along side running this site, Live and Loud videos might not occur as often as The Studio Sessions which are a lot easier to put together.

Disclaimer: As always is the case with these sorts of videos, due to YouTube licensing restrictions, you may not be able to view all my videos on their site or in your country, for which I am sorry in advance if this applies to you.

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