I have just received a Korg Pitchclip today. It is my first venture into the world of clip on tuners, but I am expecting good things from the Pitchclip. I have previously used the Korg Pitchblack and Boss TU-3 floor tuners in the past, but they aren’t always great when you’re roaming around the house with your bass and want to quickly re-tune.

In my personal experience, I have found Korg’s Pitchblack floor tuner to be a very good (and slightly cheaper) alternative to the Boss TU-3, so I’m hoping the Pitchclip doesn’t disappoint!


The box is very basic, but then again, it doesn’t need to be anything fancy. It’s got a nice statistic on it of “Over 20 Million Tuners Sold”, so you know that Korg are a reliable and trusted brand (which is always good to know when buying music gear, as the last thing you need is something that breaks every 5 minutes!).


Once you get the box open, you get the tuner (obviously), a battery (coin type lithium battery – CR2032) and a brief instruction manual.

The tuner itself is very simple and easy to operate, a single power button on the back of the fold out screen to turn the tuner on and off. Simple. Another good thing about this tuner is you are not forced to having the screen locked in one position in 2 ways:

  • The screen folds out up to 120 degrees, allowing a large viewing angle
  • The text position can be flipped upside down, so you can position the tuner wherever you want

This makes it very versatile when clipping onto your instrument and means you can always have a good view of the tuner.

I’ll post a video review once I have had a hands on play around with it and let you know what I think.

Header Photo Credit: Korg

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