After hearing several good things about Clayton USA Guitar Picks, I have decided to get some to try out and put them to the test!


I decided to go for the Ultem Rounded Triangle 1.20mm picks, a fraction thicker than the 1.14 Dunlop Tortex picks I have been using for what seems like an eternity.


Here’s what Clayton say about the picks:

“Ultem is remarkable for creating crisp clean tones, on even the dullest of strings. This pick is made of the highest grade material to ensure your guitar produces the cleanest, brightest tone available. This pick closely resembles the true sound of actual tortoiseshell that is so widely desired. However, it will not fracture like tortoiseshell and is one of the strongest picks on the market.”

Their featured artists include bands such as Tenacious D and Paramore.

I’ll be using these picks in some of my upcoming videos and will do a comparison of these and the Dunlop Tortex picks I have used in the past.

Header Photo Credit: Clayton USA

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