4 years ago today, my first bass tab was accepted on to Ultimate Guitar. Since then, I’ve uploaded a total of 53 tabs and have become one of the top 100 highest rated contributors on the site.

As I was growing up and learning guitar, Ultimate Guitar was my go to website for checking out tabs for songs I was learning and to now be able to give back by publishing my own tabs is amazing.

One thing I wish I had done more of over the past few years is more videos. Despite not really uploading anything for a couple of years, my subscriber count has slowly risen and I hit 50 subscribers just the other day which for a small YouTuber posting very little content is quite good I think.

Here is the full list of stats I’ve compiled below:


There is a lot more I want to continue doing with this site, whether it gets accomplished or not, who knows, but when I have time to do so, I will always come back to post something on here and keep giving back to the music community.

One thing I have really gotten into recently is the Rocksmith video game. If I can work out how to stream my PS3 to Twitch or YouTube Live, I might start posting some videos from there which will be raw, live recordings from me playing the game and take away the whole video editing and processing stages from my other videos. So if you’re after more video content…who knows what the future holds.

I’ve got some more tabs up my sleeve in the works, some require more time to go over and create than others, but you will see more posted soon.

If you don’t hear from me in the mean time, I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year.


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