It’s here, my very first BIAS Amp 2 Amp Match. This has been based off of one of my favourite bands ‘The Offspring’ and should be good for most of their songs with minor tweaks here and there.

I have called the Amp Match “Self Esteem” and you can find it in the BIAS Amp Tone Cloud for you to download. You should be able to find it by searching for either “Self Esteem” or “The Bass Diaries” from within the Tone Cloud area of your BIAS Amp 2 application.

Some samples can be heard below:

I would recommend using a P-Bass to get even closer to the actual sound. Sadly I only have a jazz bass, so don’t quite get that P-Bass sound, but it’s pretty close!

If you are yet to check out Positive Grid’s BIAS Amp 2, I fully recommend doing so at the link HERE.

In short, BIAS Amp 2 is a fully customizable virtual amplifier for both guitar and bass, allowing you almost endless possibilities for your tone customization needs.

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