Youthanasia is the 6th studio album by American heavy metal band ‘Megadeth‘. It was recorded over the early half of 1994 and was released in the November of the same year.

The album includes the singles ‘Train of Consequences‘ and ‘A Tout le Monde‘.

It peaked at number 4 on the US Billboard 200 charts and has since been certified Platinum in the US and Canada having sold over 1 million and 100,000 copies in their respective countries.

Tracklisting (with tab links):

Reckoning Day
Bass tab

Train of Consequences
Bass tab

Addicted to Chaos
No tab yet

A Tout le Monde
Bass tab

Elysian Fields
Bass tab

The Killing Road
No tab yet

Blood of Heroes
Bass tab

Family Tree
Bass tab

No tab yet

I Thought I Knew It All
Bass tab

Black Curtains
No tab yet

No tab yet

Dave Mustaine (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar)
Marty Friedman (Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar)
David Ellefson (Bass)
Nick Menza (Drums)
Jimmie Wood (Harmonica)


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