Hows that for an overhaul?!

You may have noticed over the last month I’ve been rebuilding the site to go with all the new content that’s coming. Here’s a round up of everything that’s been added so far!

Learn to Play

Here you will find all the new Learn to Play posts featuring the song tabs posted on Ultimate Guitar. The legacy “Tab Collections” page has been brought under the learn to play banner and renamed “Collections” which will still feature all the complete/partially complete album collections.

New posts will be published daily at 10:00 (UK time) on a Monday to Friday, giving you 5 new songs to work your way through every week.


This is where you will find all the cover video content under 2 new names:

The Studio Sessions

The videos posted here will be audio only “studio” covers of songs; less pressure, more perfection. There’s been a couple posted already with lots more on the way. As long as the timings work out, I plan on posting one of these posts everyday to follow up the relevant Learn to Play post.

Live and Loud

As the name suggests, Live and Loud videos will be more raw, live takes filmed in front of a camera like the legacy videos filmed between 2013 and 2016 were. I may even do some live streams of “mini sets” in the future which will come under here too.

Showcase videos will also be included on the Learn to Play posts, but will not be a key focus of those pages. The reason for including them, well each video will include enhanced bass lines to help you really hear what is being played, so will be useful as a tool for practising and learning.

Other News

In other news, I mentioned it was my birthday in June and I got myself a Digitech Drop which I’ll post a review for soon, showcasing everything it can do with a bass. This pedal is awesome and should come in handy when wanting to record covers in awkward tunings without having to re-tune my bass every time.


Tab views have been steady once more, racking up another 2000+ views bringing me over the 47,000 views mark on Ultimate Guitar. Not much movement on the YouTube subscriber front, but still hovering over 150 awesome subscribers on there. There’s been a couple of new videos posted since Monday and more video content is just round the corner, so make sure you head over there now and hit that subscribe button!


That just about wraps it up for news this month.

Until next time, keep on keeping on!


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