Hey everyone, long time no speak!

Figured I would post an update with things that are going on in the land of The Bass Diaries in 2022 as it’s been a while since the last update back in December 2020!

Music previously available on Sheet Music Plus will soon be moving over to Sheet Music Direct and new links will be uploaded for all songs that will continue to be available on there.

I also stumbled across the last tab I was working on (and thought I lost) back in January 2021, so you now have Megadeth’s “Symphony of Destruction” available to purchase over on Sheet Music Direct now too!

A new feature I will be adding to the YouTube will be “Bass Backing Tracks“. I will try to get these uploaded regularly, maybe something that happens daily, I don’t know at this point. These will be recordings ripped straight from Rock Band without the bass track playing in the background, allowing you to play over the top. The first one going live later today will be Ghost’s “Cirice”.

I’ve been pretty busy this last year and a half, but do plan to eventually get back to getting more music up for purchase on Sheet Music Direct and Ultimate Guitar (which I recently was awarded with Level 4 status due to my high quality tabs which is an absolute honour!).

Until then…keep on keeping on!


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