Tab: Voivod – The X-Stream

Title: The X-Stream Artist: Voivod Album: Katorz Guitar Tuning: Standard (EADGBE) Bass Tuning: 5 String Standard (BEADG) Tab Author: Pearce Hamblin Tab Links: Bass (Originally posted 13/12/2016) Guitar Pro: Guitar/Bass/Drums Song Facts: The X-Stream is the 9th song off of Voivod's 11th studio album "Katorz" (their 14th release overall). The demos for the album were recorded shortly before guitarist Denis "Piggy" … Continue reading Tab: Voivod – The X-Stream

How Jason Newsted Joined Metallica

[youtube] Ever wondered how Jason Newsted got to join the biggest band in metal? Want to know how you can improve your chances of joining a new band? Wonder no more! Have a watch of the video above in which Jason recalls his Metallica audition in 1986 (and how it might help you). It's actually … Continue reading How Jason Newsted Joined Metallica