As I have previously eluded in the monthly updates, a new segment on the site coming soon will be “Learn to Play”.

The Learn to Play posts will slowly replace the generic “Tab” posts that have been posted on the site up to now. These will include all the same information as those posts and more, including:

  • Song Information
  • Tab Links
  • Song Facts
  • Album/Single Artwork
  • Audio/Video Links (from YouTube and Spotify)

Some of my very early tabs posted on Ultimate Guitar aren’t formatted as nicely as the most recent ones, so I will be updating these as well to make them easier to read and re-posting to the site.

As an extension to the content on previously available posts, I will start to include audio of the songs under “The Studio Sessions” moniker. These will be full song bass covers, featuring enhanced bass over the original song, so you can really hear what is being played.

Then, going forward, I hope to be able to add full tutorial videos in to the mix as well, with the main focus obviously being to teach you how to play the songs, breaking down each section to make it easier to get up and playing quicker and to break down harder sections so you can really nail them.

Make sure you’re following us on Social Media and sign up for updates on the website to find out when this hits your screens!

Until then, keep on keeping on!


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