The rebrand has begun!

Earlier this month, I started the process of designing a new brand image for The Bass Diaries and have already started uploading the logo to social channels and will make it’s way to the site soon. Here’s a sneek peak!

In other news, I still haven’t got my PC up and running (the motherboard should arrive any day now) and my main PC screen decided to die the other week too (not having much luck here with technology), but have been making some progress with getting my laptop back up and running to a useable state. Thankfully it just about seems to run Vegas Pro okay for video editing, so I will get to work on sorting those out ASAP!

Tab views have been steady once more, racking up another 2000+ views bringing me over the 45,000 views mark on Ultimate Guitar. I also surpassed the 150 subscriber mark on YouTube. Hoping to get these numbers growing steadily once the new content starts hitting.

There is also a fair few tab posts I still need to sort out from the ones I posted to Ultimate Guitar over Christmas through to March, so if you’re lucky, some more might get posted this month. Until then, you can view all my current published tabs at the link HERE.

Outside of that, not much else to report on this month. I will be hitting my 29th birthday this month, not doing much to celebrate because of the ongoing pandemic and being potential high risk, but will be a nice relaxed one at that.

Until next time, keep on keeping on!


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